PF Flocculator Series

PF Flocculator for chemical treatment:

In the Flocculator, chemicals are added to the wastewater to coagulate contaminants in the wastewater into flocs, which are then ready for separation in the DAF flotation unit.

A properly designed chemical treatment step is essential for the proper functioning DAF wastewater treatment system. In most cases a flocculant, a coagulant and pH neutralizer are added to the wastewater to create flocs. The neutralizer may be necessary to increase the pH to prevent acid environment in the separator. The type of chemicals and the dosing rates are important factors in the engineering of the wastewater treatment system and can be obtained by a JAR test. The flow through the flocculator is monitored to optimize chemical dosing, to have good process control and to prevent overdosing. Unlike conventional tank flocculators, this flocculator is of the plug flow reactor type. The required mixing is obtained by energy exchange due to turbulence.

Advantages of the PF Flocculator:

  • Dosing of chemicals can be very precise
  • Very short reaction and mixing times
  • Cost effective on chemicals
  • Small space requirement
  • No external mixing power
  • No moving parts
  • Compact system

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