H2Flow DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation


Delta Series DAF

Delta Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system:

The Delta flotation units are designed to treat wastewater with light to medium solids loading. The capacity of the Delta unit ranges from 44 usgpm to 550 usgpm (10 to 125 m3/hr).

The Delta series are designed to treat the wastewater using a Platepack System. The Platepack System multiplies the separation surface for effective separation, making it possible to treat a large amount of wastewater on a small footprint. The solids float to the surface and are collected by the sludge rake mechanism and transported to the sludge hopper with a low friction scraper system. The collected sludge is transported with a sludge pump to a sludge tank or dewatering. The Delta+ flotation unit is equipped with a sludge conveyor for discharge of heavy solids.

Advantages of the Delta DAF unit:

  • Suitable for light to medium polluted wastewater
  • Very compact design, small footprint compared to capacity
  • Platepack System for optimum separation performance
  • Low maintenance low friction skimmer system with internal sludge collection chamber
  • Adjustable double length weir tray
  • Efficient air/water saturation system
  • Completely manufactured out of stainless steel

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