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PF Series Pipe Flocculators

Pipe Flocculator for chemical treatment:

Unlike conventional tanks and mixers, the H2Flow PF Series Pipe Flocculators use kinetic energy harnessed directly from flow of the wastewater to mix chemistry inline. The PF Series Pipe Flocculators can reduce chemical usage due to the high mixing efficiency, and increase the ease of chemical optimization due to the short residence time and various sample valves.

The PF Pipe Flocculator combines mixing zones, chemical injection ports, sampling ports, pH sensor fittings, aeration ports, and flocculation zones all into one compact unit. The material of construction is polypropylene (PP) piping with PVC fittings and injection points. It provides resistance against corrosion and abrasion. They are manufactured using external welds, and sweeping corners to ensure that the interior surface is completely smooth and does not disturb the fluid velocity profile.

Advantages of the PF Flocculator:

  • Precise and efficient chemical dosing
  • Very short reaction and mixing times
  • Cost effective on chemicals
  • Small footprint
  • No external mixing power
  • No moving parts
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant

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